From Rowena Thomas - Amazing Me

Mood Swing <noun>
1. An abrupt and unaccountable change of mood (Source: Oxford Dictionary)

Have you ever heard of the saying that puberty is like an emotional rollercoaster side-to-side, fast and slow, up and down, and sometimes totally upside down? I think that that’s a great description, don’t you?

Why shouldn’t we expect our children to get moody? I would too if I had all of the hormones rushing through my body, as well as experiencing lots of physical, social, and mental changes all at the same time. What with the increasing pressure of friends, social media, school work, and our increasing societal change and anxieties that our children are experiencing.

Any wonder they encounter seesawing emotional changes; mood swings-happy one second, sad the next, confused, over-sensitive, confident, self-conscious, confused, angry, emotional, feeling pressured, vulnerable, wanting more privacy, impulsive, overwhelmed, frustrated, doubting and irritable-to name a few of those rollercoaster emotions.

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