Zown all about helping kids and their parents navigate the tricky, yet awesome tween and teen years.  Zown - the app - is for kids... and it's all about good things in the world - good news, great images, affirmations, and importantly it's about accessing trusted resources to help them through tricky situations.  Zown is not trying to replace parents but it is trying to help kids and parents alike!  Zown is moderated, safe and free from advertising.  It is using the devices our kids have access to for good not evil.   It is... their own zone.

Zown, the web site is for parents - a library of resources to help us raise kids in a world that is very different to when we were their age!   Zown is the fifth baby of Lauren Adlam, a mum of 4 tweens and teens which came about when she realised there was a lot of information out there but not in one place where you could rely on its validity.  

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Zown is your private library of information from experts to help raise our kids to be the best versions of themselves (and for us parents to be the best versions of ourselves too!)

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Should you need to contact us - drop us a line at hello@zown.app