Giving children regular chores and responsibilities around the house is important for many reasons, and maybe more so for teens and tweens. However, if your teens are anything like mine, you will find their reluctance to chores increases as they enter adolescence and their attentiveness when doing them deteriorates. Truthfully, the older our kids have gotten, the more reminding they need when it comes to chores. Which is, of course, frustrating as you’d assume it would be the opposite.

The good news is, this trend is very normal. The research and literature show that teens tend to become more forgetful while their attention span shortens for such tasks. As parents, we should expect that they will require more support and encouragement when it comes to household responsibilities. So how do we get our teenagers to help out around the house when their resistance to chores is peaking? Here are some strategies we’ve found helpful in our home.

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