Dr Kristy Goodwin is a digital wellbeing and neur0-productivity speaker, author and researcher. She is decoding the neurobiology of peak-performance in a digital for age - for kids and adults alike.

Here is her insights into the planned ban on mobile phones in high schools to take effect this year in public high schools in NSW.

Phone bans in schools is a hotly debated topic, with polarising opinions between some teachers, school leaders and parents. News that NSW public high schools will implement phone bans from late 2023 has reignited this debate once again.

Banning phones in schools has become an Australian and global trend, proving popular with many parents, teachers and school administrators alike to target waning attention spans and increased incidence of cyber-bullying. However, do phone bans actually have the desired effects?

I’m often asked for my opinion, so I wanted to share my insights, what I’m hearing anecdotally from schools that have banned phones and what the available research actually tells us.

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