Zown has developed over the past few years, after observing the highs and lows of tween and teen years for my kids (I currently have 4 tweens and teens) and their friends.  

These years are so formative, and we as parents, didn't experience what they are going through when we were the same age.  I often joke that our biggest fear was who had seen the photos when they were processed at the chemist, not who had posted something online - with or without consent - and shared with the world!

Personally, I think tweens and teens are awesome! Yes there are tricky parts and yes parenting through these years can be hard.  Often we have to simply listen and not comment - and that can be easier said than done!

The Zown app is for kids - a positive, safe space online, to help them navigate these sometimes tricky yet awesome years, and to show them great things in the world, and their place in it.  As a parent, you can be assured it is safe... there's no direct messaging and contributions are moderated by us... at the same time it's a fun and helpful zone for our kids.  (It's a bit like hiding veges in the spaghetti bolognese - just don't tell them!)

The Zown Parent Portal is a directory of resources - some created by us, many linked to amazing external sources (we'll never claim someone else's article as our own!), to help us parents navigate these years alongside our kids.

Our ultimate goal is to create sunshine for our kids and to help them (and us) thrive not just survive these tween and teen years!  We're not pretending we can cure the current mental health crisis but with some positivity and good news, we know kids will find things to feel good about - and that can only be a good thing!

We always love feedback - drop us a line and let us know your thoughts - including ideas for the future!  We're contactable at hello@zown.app

Welcome to Zown!  We're thrilled to have you here!

Lauren, CEO & Founder