An amazing article explaining the roles of hormones and how we can help smooth the ride from internationally acclaimed Nutritional Biochemist, Author & Speaker, Dr Libby

A common scenario

A girl might be 10 years old, and life is good. Her energy is fine. She might have some challenges with friends at school from time to time, but otherwise, everything is okay. As she gets a bit older, her breasts start to bud and her hips start to broaden and to do this the body usually has to store some more body fat. This is the result of an increase in estrogen production. Some girls feel a bit “puffy” or swollen as this occurs, and this can be distressing for some of them as they feel or are told that they look “fat”. After a few months of her family noticing that she has become somewhat moody—not every day, but a few times a week she might be snappy, for example—everyone writes it off as “stress” at school or jokes that the “hormones must be starting”.

Then menstruation begins, and for so many girls today the loss of menstrual blood is heavy, painful, and clotty, right from the beginning. Days at school are missed each month. Sport is interrupted too. Sometimes menstruation is regular; other times, months are missed. But when it comes, it is so very painful.

Let’s take a deeper look at this scenario and what all of this really means.

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