Wonderful Michelle Mitchell, award winning parenting educator has recently released her latest book "Tweens.  What kids need NOW, before the teenage years."  

Here are Michelle's top ten tips for what kids need BEFORE they hit the teenage years. You can purchase "Tweens.  What kids need NOW, before the teenage years" here

93.5% of parents I surveyed while writing TWEENS answered a big “YESto being concerned about the upcoming teenage years. That’s a number you can’t ignore! One dad I interviewed joking said, ‘If this is any sign of what is to come, I’m moving out.’ Many parent’s expressed sentiments like, “If this is what 11 is like, what on earth am I in for at 14?”

In this blog I’d like to share ten insights that I have found particularly interesting when thinking about what tweens need now, before the teenage years. I hope each of these points encourage you to see the years between 9 and 12 as a transformative time, that  can switch kids on to their potential and set them on the best possible path before adolescence.

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